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IN THE BEGINNING...Well the journey begins back on 13th January 1991 when Sean & Andy got together with their mighty axes and decided to form a band. They hired a village hall in Woodhurst, all they had was their guitars and amps and a few roughly put together songs and licks.​



One week later on the 27th Jan 1991 they had found a drummer, Rob and continued to thrash about at high volume. On the 17th March 1991 Sean’s Brother Graham joined as Bass player, but they still needed a singer and a PA system. A local Blues band were selling their PA so it was snapped up and the quest for a singer began. It wasn’t long before Danny, a young singer who appeared from nowhere joined on the 19th May 1991 that the five piece band was formed.


Three months of hard work went by, writing their own material and trying to come up with a band name. After endless lists of bizarre names, ‘Phalanx’ was chosen and the band then entered the local Battle of the Bands competition on the 29th August 1991 which was a good experience for them all.

​The band continued to rehearse and join up with other bands to play local gigs as they still hadn’t enough songs together. Danny’s girlfriend Abbey joined as backing singer for a while and the band also decided that they needed to do rock covers.

It was the 21st June 1992 and Rob decided to leave

the band but would continue to play the gigs that were booked, also a new band name was chosen, ‘High Risk’, then the historic moment came on the 9th July 1992 when the band became SWEET REVENGE…


The search for a new drummer just fell into place when Colin heard the band rehearsing in Forty Foot village hall and soon joined the band, Colin had previously played in bands and could also sing.

The band had a number of their own songs together and wanted to have a decent recording so spent the day in Zigzag recording studios. Everything went well until they stopped for dinner and went down the pub, not surprisingly there were a few errors in the afternoon session, but at the end of the day the band walked away pleased with themselves and a good demo tape cassette ( yes tape, no compact discs in them days) the gigs still came in and rehearsals carried on as normal, on the 8th August 1993 Danny left the band.


Again the search for a new band member proceeded and on the 29th August 1993 Jerry joined as singer, Jerry was not just a singer, he was a good front man and entertainer. From then on the gigs came in thick and fast from local pubs and social clubs and two good sets of rock cover songs were put together, so good that the band went back to Zigzag recording studios on 5th December 1993 to record a covers demo tape. At the beginning of 1994 something didn’t seem right with Jerry, he dragged Colin into confusion, and due to this the band regrettably sacked Colin as drummer.


As before like any other chapter in Sweet Revenge’s history, they began to look for another band member, their third drummer, and don’t forget when a new band member joins the whole set list has to be learnt and remembered.

It was 30th January 1994 when Terry joined as drummer, a strange but likeable guy who was slightly deaf and wore a string vest. Terry was from Lincolnshire and found the band a few gigs in Lincoln, working men’s and hospital clubs, which turned out to be great gigs with changing rooms and stages.

On 15th May 1994 Rob the bands original drummer, came back to the band with new enthusiasm and kit and as the band wanted to do more heavy rock covers Terry had to go, to make way for Rob. This turned out to be a mistake as Rob only stayed two months and on the 17th July 1994 left the band again!


Another chapter and again looking for another band member, and yes another drummer, it sounds like there are drummers just lining up but on the 31st July Mark joined as drummer, a local lad who like Colin could sing , the band had a few gigs booked so until Mark learnt the set, Timmy a semi pro drummer stepped in.

The band carried on playing local pubs and returned to the Railway pub ,Ramsey and the Five Alls, Benwick on many occasions and also played at the Bill fen Marina, Ramsey.



A gig on the 24th July 1995 just didn’t seem right, Jerry the singer had people in the audience and his stories just didn’t add up. It turned out that these people were another band Jerry was going to sing for and on the 12th October 1995, Jerry left the band, after many talks and a couple of auditions for singers Sweet Revenge called it a day...



Twelve years have past, long hair that is now short and a few notches on the belts have been added. Repeating history on the 26th October 2006, the founder members of Sweet Revenge reformed. Yes they’re still alive! Sean, Graham and Andy get their guitars out, blow the cobwebs away, oil the rusty strings and spend the night going over the old songs.

It was like time had stood still and the three of them had never been apart.

The search for previous band members began, there were a few to choose from. Danny was still about but wasn’t really into the rock scene, Mark had been involved in an accident and broke his legs, Jerry was now living in Bankok and Colin had moved back to the Isle of Wight, or so we thought.

Colin had checked one of his old email accounts and found a message from friends re-united which Sean had left and to everyone’s surprise was living just 20 miles away, so the band met up for a drink to discuss reforming and looking for a singer.

After a search, Baz joined the band on the 29th January 2007 and that’s the Sweet Revenge line up as it stands, at the moment!!


Again the boys find themselves rehearsing and putting together a couple of sets and start on the road to fame, well the local pubs actually. The word is out and people still remember the band from the 90s and the band soon find bookings from local pubs, clubs and charity gigs and even a wedding. A new PA and lighting rig is purchased, the band are not holding back this time! T-shirts are printed up, fliers are made and even a hired sound man for each gig. Bookings came rolling in!


The loss of a founder member and history repeating itself…

February 2008 it all changed again. One of the founding members Sean moved from Cambridgeshire to Leicestershire so leaving the band. His replacement was sound guy Anthony, who was new to playing the guitar and with very little live experience made up for this with commitment and practice.

Sean returned for a few gigs through the year when asked and sometimes when not asked and teamed up with Anthony on guitar and then long term drummer Colin quit the band in July due to a back injury (more like old age) .

Searching back through old band members Mark was found, a drummer with the band in 1994.

CHAPTER 10​​​​​

Dropping like flies…

Due to the popularity of the band, more people want to book them and one gig turns into two then three a month, this is fine for the band members because they live and breath Rock, but for Baz it was different. He couldn’t commit to three times a month and so played his last gig with the band New Years Eve 2008.


Here we go again…

In search of another bloody singer, Gerry was found to be in the UK but couldnt commit. Adverts were placed but nothing… was it all lost... Then from nowhere, which apparently is a town in Bolton, came Dave. With his gruff voice, loads of experience, at what, we still don’t know. Cross between Fred Dibnar & Liam Gallagher stepped in and got the job on the spot. It turns out that Dave’s sense of humour and personality matches everyone else’s in the band and his vocal talents aren’t too bad either.




Band politics rear their head again and in March 2009 it was decided that Ant was not suitable for the band and as first choice Sean was asked if he wanted the job. Now this was going to test the commitment as Sean would have to travel a 180 mile round trip for rehearsals etc. Sean was more than happy to take it on and was looking forward to being back in the Sweet Revenge fold again. The band have promoted themselves more this year and with the facelift of a full Marshall backline will be playing at motorcycle shows and club events around the UK.


unlucky for some!...

September 2009 Dave left the band, he didnt want to leave but he had to. Several auditions followed with various singers and several let-downs followed that. What were the band going to do as there were bookings still to honour? No more bookings were taken as the band didn’t know for sure if they were ever going to get a singer. On a cold October’s evening, Mick 'snail' Holden appeared and said he would stand in until we found a permanent singer.

Now Mick hadn’t gigged for 13 years and with 3 rehearsals, gigged with the band, and done a bloody good job! Well done Mick and a thank you doesn’t show our we’re not going to pay you!


One day this will be a film…

I’ve started this as a new chapter as I feel it deserves one because its a first for Sweet Revenge and i think its a start of better things to come. In Nov 2009 the band now has a permanent singer in the form of Roz, a diva who has the voice of Ann Wilson & Suzie Quatro and in typical diva fashion, makes changes straight away.

She says she’s from Chester which means she’s a scouse, drinks pints, smokes like Fred Dibnars chimnies and swears like him, but sings like an bat out of hell.

Roz, welcome, be part of history and the film.


Yet another change to the bands line up. Revenge's long term Bass player Graham decided to leave the band in June 2010, very sad, but Graham felt he needed to leave to pursue another direction, we all wish him well with his new venture.

Stepping into the fold is Garry, ‘Captain Bismark’ (its just the start of many nicknames to come) an accomplished bass player who has wasted no time in fitting in very well and was up to speed with the set from the off, a solid bass line with a dry humour.

We welcome him and will at any opportunity take the piss....welcome Garry.


Isle of man TT 2011 Tour...... sex, drugs, rock n roll, broken down tour bus, stalkers, guinness and plenty of cups of tea!

Pre-tour gig in Loughborough, Leicestershire kicked it all off to a good start! Roadies loaded the tour bus and we were on the road. 1 mile into journey, saw our first toilet stop (must be the excitement). Once on the island we set up camp, slept, then ready for the gig that night.

The Mitre, Morragh park and the British were the bands favourite gigs and we're looking forward to returning next year. The one armed bandit in the Mitre took a hammering, Wid also won big time on the fruit machine.

There was a couple of guest appearances on stage through the week, Brian Johnson from AC/DC turned up to sing a couple of songs and Wayne the bass dropped in to slap the strings a few times. The band met some great fans, Ozzy Bro's, Chubby Al, Brian Johnson, The Stalkers (you know who you are), Man ov var man, the Irish and many many more who we can’t remember.

At the end of the ten day tour, the band were tired rock gods, but didn’t want to return home so we stayed.......ready for TT tour 2012.

In true rock and roll style, the tour bus breaks down going to the gig in Laxey. Band promoter (John ‘the keys’ Frazer) soon has another vehicle there for the equipment and a limo for the rock gods. Fantastic gig and got back to camp at 3am for the post gig party. Once all the strippers and drugs had gone we went to bed. 3.05am!

The days just rolled into one, gig after gig after gig, hire van after hire van. We all took roles as a family would, Gaz (cook) Bully (driver) Wid (T-boy) Diva (Diva) Mark (done more than Diva)

The support was great at all the venues, good to see familiar faces at each gig. Whilst playing I would look across and see a face I recognised from the night before and then realise it was Gaz the bass player!!


Spinal Tap all over again. I’m sure we can make a film about the band. Mark (drummer) has left the building, Sweet are in search of drummer No.5 and the Holy Grail, what will they find first.

Drummer found in the shape of Ben, big and powerful, eats drum sticks ....just what we want, welcome to the fold and the history of a top UK band Ben!


October 2011 Sean goes into meltdown and leaves the band, goes AWOL and declares his retirement, the remaining band members carry on but under a new name…The show must go on.


March 2012 after 5months of not even picking a guitar up Sean was inspired by going to watch his old band Grinder, so the very next day he dusted off his guitar and started playing through the old set, it felt good it felt fresh and he wanted it! So, a few cheeky texts to the old band members and the idea began to grow……again. (Note from DiVA, also helped that little Em Jem was starting to rock Daddy's gear better than him)

It was great getting in touch and meeting the old band again, Gaz must had been pining whilst Sean was away as he had lost 2.5 stone so Wid’s now the heaviest. Talks followed about getting rid of old songs and gaining new ones and the most important thing was finding a drummer.


How many drummers has this band had ?????  (answer at the end of this paragraph)

March 24th a misty morning, the sun breaking through to highlight a lone figure, a roadworn man in the shape of Keith stepped forward and said “go ahead, make my day…punk” actually he didn’t say that but Keith stepped forward raised his hickory sticks in the air and rocked the set.

Rumour has it that he and Gaz were separated at birth, as they do have the same good looks.

Welcome Keith, enjoy the ride!

(answer- 9. Bet you can’t name them!)


The coming of age, months went by with not much progression, a few issues had to be addressed Keith went as quick as he came.

In May 2012 Gaz  left the band after his two year stint with us and a replacement was looked for, now you would think bass players would be two a penny but apparently there not.

again a stagnant time for the band, it was touch and go for a few weeks for the existence of Sweet Revenge looking for a bassist and a drummer but in Sept 2012 the original bassist returned, Graham stepped back into his old shoes and began throwing the shapes.

Also in Sept 2012 Toby 'Basher' Moore joined us to beat the skins,now Basher was like a clone of Graham,maybe they were long lost twins, they had so much in common. A quiet sensitive soul who picked up the set really quickly and in three months we had our first gig.


The set was formed and gigs we're booked a plenty for 2013, a few new tracks were thrown in for good measure and a few new venues too.
It had been 3 years and the conversation of the TT reared its lovely head and we booked for 2014.

All was going smoothly until sept when G suffered a heart attack, bookings had to be given away and time made for G to recover. A full revamp of bass gear was had, gone was the big and heavy Marshall stack and in came the dynamic Hartke and Eden bass head and within 6weeks Fingers was slapping the bass again.

​​​CHAPTER 23 TT Tour #2 Preparation

In 2011 the band made friends on the island and two friends In particular were Dawn and Dave. Now some thought they were a couple but it turned out they were cousins !!!

Dawn was recruited as Tour Manager as she was well known for her drinking and Dave was..... Wasn't given a job. Dawn filled up the dates with bookings and distributed the band posters.

​​​CHAPTER 24 On The Road Again

May 27th Gra,Toby and Sean headed off to that mystical island for the start of the tour, Arriving at the ferry terminal the officials took one look at Toby and thought he needed his hemorrhoids checking as he looked the sort to be concealing contraband, he said he'd never heard of them, were they Prog ?
Now Toby didn't quite seem the same after the friendly meeting with the harbour official’s middle finger and has now adopted a funny walk, the van wasn't safe and that got searched too.

Finally on boat and chomping at the bit to get on the island set up camp and start drinking.
A few days of drinking was had until Widroz came over and the Band Camp was made, on the island we were met with a solicitors letter of intent to take the band to court for copyright law but an amicable arrangement was made and no further action taken. A lesson learned.

​​​CHAPTER 25 A Story For The Grandchildren

Pause........... Sorry I'm just reliving the whole time again.
Bikes, drinking, live music, eating crap, sleeping in a tent, it just doesn't get any better......or does it ?

The story goes like this.  Prior to the TT the band wanted to cover the official TT sound track, which was King of the Mountain by REDlINE, who was headlining on the island that year. So Sean being the talented muso he is transcribed the song from watching the band online.
Anyway second gig into the 2015 tour whilst playing the actual song who should come walking into the pub" Redline" themselves !!!!


​​​CHAPTER 26 Back To Earth With A Very Big Bump 


Back home the band had a couple of gigs the following week, but things weren't well with DiVA, on tour she thought she had a throat infection but this didn't clear so back home she contacted a specialist who diagnosed it as "silent reflux" stomach acid had bured her vocal chords and rest and change of diet was the only cure. Again the band had to cancel bookings and three months had passed before all was well.

Thankfully REDLINE didn't want any royalties and over a few pints swapped a few stories and autographs with us.
They vowed to meet up and watch us again, yeah yeah we thought.
Two days later true to their word they turned up again to watch us perform again.
The boys decided to go into Douglas for a drink and called into The Villa Marina where Redline were performing that night. Redline were doing their sound check and invited us onstage and asked us to stay to watch. We said to
Wid about contacting Diva to come, as she'd stayed back at Bandcamp but he said "no she would be asleep anyway" how wrong he was and is still paying for it.
The rest of the week the band were still living the dream, the gigs came to an end and it was soon time to catch the ferry back for wid, DiVA & Toby leaving Gra & Sean at Band Camp for a few days more until they returned.
​​​CHAPTER 27 Spinal Tap


September came and the start of the return, bookings were taken for next year the 3rd TT tour to organise. Gra had decided to leave the band and in November 2014 it was official as Sweet Revenge had taken him as far as he wanted go and his new band "Velvet Gorilaz" was his focus. So again a replacement was searched for. Now to fit in the Sweet Revenge family you don't have to be the greatest musician but a special kind of person you have to be.......

​​​CHAPTER 28 Dave


The meaning "special person" can be taken in so many ways. The Band were having a few beers just before a show when the saloon doors burst open and in walked a tall dark figure. He had his boots on, leather waistcoat, tilted hat and packing a mean bass .......or two.........or three!!!! He was the new kid in town. A bass slinger from the south........ They call him Dave ...... and he was special

Dave's the new member of the Sweet Revenge posse and no song's safe when he's in town.

​​​CHAPTER 29 Tour of Duty

Things moved very quickly Dave learnt the set and we were rockin. New songs were added and booking after booking came in leading up to the 3rd Tour of the Isle of Man.


Dave and Sean headed off to the TT three days before anyone else and spent their time trying out the local ale with every intention of doing a lap of the circuit……but never got around to it.
Snail (our roadie) came a day later smoking like a chimney, that's his bike not him. Then Wid & DIva arrived two days later. A few days drinking before the gigs start, the Band rented a house this year which was a blessing as the weather wasn't great. Dawn, the band promoter, did a good job with posters and promotions and wasn’t a bad cook either.

​​​First gig was hit by Hurricane Rosie, forced to play inside Bushy's beer tent and not the Carole Nash main stage, the band set up and sound checked. Then Hurricane Rosie took the roof off, quite a scary time as all the gear was exposed to the elements but luckily nothing was damaged. Gig cancelled as the Beer tent wasn't safe to enter.


The other eight gigs around the island went well. The band was well received and made many new friends and was re-acquainted with old friends from years past.

Kippers, Mayors and deputy Mayors, old friends, new friends, Okells, Roadies and lots of laughs just bring back the memories of a great tour. We would like to thank everyone involved with the bands tour and all the venues for having us.

The other eight gigs around the island went well. The band was well received and made many new friends and was re-acquainted with old friends from years past.

Kippers, Mayors and deputy Mayors, old friends, new friends, Okells, Roadies and lots of laughs just bring back the memories of a great tour. We would like to thank everyone involved with the bands tour and all the venues for having us.

​​​CHAPTER 30 Struck By Lightning

Back home from the tour and one gig in… History strikes again, one Drummer leaves and another one found. We wouldn't have wanted it to end how it did but end it did….and that's Rock N Roll.

There was a reported earthquake around Northampton on this summers evening in June but it actually turned out to be the Bands new Drummer. Big hitter Gaz has a pedigree of Rock and Metal bands under his belt and adds a new better sound to Sweet Revenge,

So now with the new set agreed and a heavy new sound things are just getting better and better and Tour of Duty #4 already booked

​​​CHAPTER 31 Stefelar

Now everyone has seen the film "The Commitments" and we all remember the scene where there's a long queue of people outside a house for auditions! Well, that scene is like the amount of drummers Sweet Revenge need to keep ticking over!

Yes, 6 months have passed but again we are saying goodbye to our drummer. We wish Gaz well and all the very best for the future.


Is that it for the future of the Band I hear you say????? Well we haven’t been going since 1991 for nothing. After searching the vaults and sifting through porn err I mean muso sites we have found a Stef. Stef leaves a long term position in another local band to step it up a gear for a busy schedule of gigs, festivals and of course the bands 4th Isle of Man TT tour.


So here we go again. Busy rehearsals and getting ready for the first gig of 2016 with our new man.

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